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about me

age: 25
sign: libra
status: single
religion: atheist
smoke/drink: no/yes




Hair Colour:: blond
Eye Colour:: blue
Height:: 1.68 m
Dye Your Hair:: yes
Have Braces:: no
Wear Glasses:: sometimes
Wear Contacts:: no




Colour:: black, pink, white
Movie:: too many but my favorite is stay
TV Show:: dr. house
Animal:: hamster
Food:: everything with spaghetti, ragout fin <3
Drink:: coffee, tea, pepsi
Alcoholic Drink:: red wine, baileys ...
Car:: mercedes
Day Of The Week:: friday
Book:: favole
Flower:: poppy <3


-In Your Room-


TV:: yes
VCR:: yes
DVD Player:: yes
Radio:: yes
CD Player:: yes
Computer:: yes
Pictures:: yes
Of Who:: me, my friends, family


-Things You Can't Live Without


1:: mobile phone
2:: ipod
3:: pc
4:: camera
5:: cinema
6:: friends
7:: family
8:: soulmate
9:: good tasting food XD


-This Or That-


Pepsi Or Coke:: pepsi
Simpsons Or Family Guy:: south park ^^
Christmas Or Your Birthday:: christmas
Spring Or Summer:: spring
Winter Or Summer:: summer
Fall Or Spring:: fall
Blue Or Pink:: pink
Black Or White:: both
Green Or Red:: red
Pancakes Or Waffles:: pancakes
Tea Or Coffee:: both
Vin Diesel Or Johnny Depp:: johnny depp !!!
KFC Or McDonalds:: both
MSN Or Yahoo:: MSN
Halloween or 4th July:: halloween
Strawberry Or Cherry:: strawberry
Cake Or Pie:: cake